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Nharangga Banggara [Country]

Nharangga people call their Country [Banggara] 'Guuranda'. It is spectacularly picturesque from land or sea, and provided for its people generously with a plethora of gourmet seafood and ample food sources on land as well. Nharangga people ate well and lived long and healthy lives pre-contact.​ In fact at the time of European settlement, Nharangga people enjoyed twice the life expectancy of Londoners.

Where European settlers were able to find little fresh drinking water, which caused severe problems for them, Nharangga people located plenty of springs, rock holes and underground water sources. They were able to locate it by particular plants growing nearby, and by tapping the ground to interpret the resulting sound. Water sources were generally covered with large rocks, branches or bark to keep them untainted. 

From Broughton River, to Wakefield River

'Marna Banggara' is the name of the ambitious rewilding project on southern Yorke Peninsula. Locally extinct birds and animals will be released, starting 2021, to bring Country back to life, and as it should be. Click on the picture for more information.

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