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Anthropological Society of SA   |   May 1987

agenda of meeting - includes 2.5 pages of information from Allan Parsons of Minlaton "Reminiscences of Natives on Yorke Peninsula, After Closer Settlement" - 4 page document

Chapter 9 - Aboriginal Names of Places in southern South Australia - Placenames in the Norman B Tindale collection of papers by Paul Monaghan - 26 pages

specifically, see Nharangaa information and map on page 239


The murder of Melaityappa and how Judge Mann succeeded in making ‘the administration of justice palatable’ to South Australian colonists in 1849  -  by Skye Krichauff

24 page research document discussing the inequity in the legal system in South Australia in 1849

Aboriginal History  Volume Forty 2016

In particular, page 89: ‘We had to be off by sundown’: Narungga contributions to farming industries on Yorke Peninsula (Guuranda), South Australia by Belinda Liebelt, Amy Roberts, Clem O’Loughlin and Doug Milera

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